Below are some links to some of Sarah’s most recent work.

Technical Writing 

Contact Sarah for tech writing examples.

Technical Copy and Copyediting

Writing is often a team effort. Sarah works with individuals and teams to help them write and edit copy and ensure a cohesive style and voice.

2018, Design Style Guide — Wikimedia Design team members created original copy. Sarah revised and copyedited to create a cohesive style and voice.

2018, Wikimedia Research Team Research team created original copy. Sarah revised and copyedited to create a cohesive style and voice.

2019, Characterizing Wikimedia Reader Behavior Worked with author to make copy more accessible and to readable for the intended audience.

Technical Storytelling

Wikimedia and Outreachy: Technical internships are bridging the free and open source inclusion gap

Wikimedia Czech Republic hosts hackathon to improve Wikimedia’s software

Partnerships make it possible: Behind our role in Google Code-in 2018

Wikimedia Foundation collaborates with two initiatives: Mozilla’s OSSN and TeachingOpenSource’s POSSE

Presentations, Workshops, and Webinars

Fall 2019, Documenting Wikimedia Technical Projects a technical talk that to share information about the field of technical writing, ways to gain skills and contribute through open source projects, and updates about ongoing Wikimedia projects.

Fall 2019, Wikimedia Outreach Programs for Technical Contributors, This talk and facilitated workshop covers the essential outreach programs (Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, Google Code-in, and Season of Docs) that Wikimedia participates in each year.

Technical Events and Speakers Series

Speaker Series

2019 – Ongoing, Organize and host a monthly Technical Talks series for members of the Wikimedia and open source software community to present their work and learnings with each other.

MediaWiki Developer Summit

An annual meeting of community developers to discuss MediaWiki and other technologies supporting the Wikimedia Movement.

Winter 2016, MediaWiki Developer Summit 2016 — Organizing Team

Winter 2017, MediaWiki Developer Summit 2017 — Organizing Team

Winter 2018, MediaWiki Developer Summit 2018 — Organizing Team

WikiCite Movement

WikiCite is an initiative to create a bibliographic database based on Wikidata. Several tools and strategies exist to make WikiCite happen. The goals of WikiCite include improvement of citations in Wikimedia projects and an open, collaborative repository of bibliographic data for innovative applications.

Spring 2016, WikiCite Berlin 2016 — Organizing Team

Spring 2017, WikiCite Vienna 2017 — Organizing Team | WikiCite Vienna 2017 Report to Funder (co-author)

Fall 2018, WikiCite Berkeley 2018 — Organizing Team | WikiCite Berkeley 2018 Report to Funder (co-author)

Mentorship and Outreach

Spring 2018, partnered with graduate student technical writers to evaluate open source technical documentation and provide recommendations for improvement: Writing for Social and Online Communities, In collaboration with Boise State University, 

Spring 2018Outreachy Round 17– (Mentoring) Outreachy provides internships to work in free and open source software (FOSS). 2018’s intern worked to improve documentation of the MediaWiki action API.

Spring 2018, Write the Docs Portland — Writing day Plan and participated in a full day write-a-thon with the primary aim of introducing professional technical writers to open source documentation projects.

Summer 2018, Hosted an Open Documentation for Open Organizations to bring together individuals who are interested in free and open source software to discuss community best practices for technical documentation.  Slides

Spring 2019, Write the Docs Portland — Writing dayPlan and participated in a full day write-a-thon with the primary aim of introducing professional technical writers to open source documentation projects.

Summer/Fall 2019, Google Season of the Docs — (Mentoring) Work with program intern to improve resources for volunteer technical writers on Wikimedia technical projects.

Spring 2018, Techtonica Career Week — Technical Writer Career talk Presentation to program participants about careers in technical writing and communication.

Research and Strategy

Maturity Model for MediaWiki Documentation

Improving API Technical documentation – User Research


Conference on College Composition & Communication

2005, San Francisco, Paper (PDF): Opening Pathways of Expression: Creating Access to Writing through the Integration of Composition and Creative Writing Pedagogies

2006, Chicago, Panel: Bringing Down the Wall of Tradition (PDF): Building Coalitions of Learning Through the Collaboration of Composition and Creative Writing


Society for Technical Communication – Member

Technical Writing SIG (Soon to be Friends of the Docs) – A special interest group formed to discuss and implement improvements to documentation and volunteer/community participation in technical writing across Wikimedia projects.