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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West

About Sarah R. Rodlund

Sarah R. is an experienced Technical Writing Manager, Technical Writer, and Technical Editor with a proven track record in people and project management and creative problem-solving.

Technical documentation is an important (and often overlooked) element of software development. The best technical writers are conduits for communication in their organizations. They exist at the nexus of communication in tech companies, working with software engineers, developers, product managers, subject matter experts, marketing, customer support, leadership, and end-users to create product documentation and processes that give audiences easy paths to the knowledge they need and the confidence to perform effectively in their roles.

In this remote-first era, experienced technical writers, product documentarians, and knowledge managers are more needed than ever! They clear the lines of communication, making complex topics simpler to understand, leading users to product adoption and proficiency, and managing the architecture of process and product knowledge to ensure it is always accessible, easy to find, easy to use, and accurate.

Sarah R’s mission is to demystify complex concepts and processes and to enable and empower people to accomplish their goals with technology. At the core, Sarah R. loves tackling significant challenges and getting sh*t done.


Sarah R. builds and manages technical writing teams using Agile methodology as a model to create, deliver, and manage stellar software documentation for developers and end-users.

Over the course of her career, she has gained significant experience evaluating and streamlining processes and communications in globally distributed, remote, software engineering, customer support, and enablement teams. She has extensive experience in SaaS, startups, education, and nonprofit tech and as a volunteer and mentor in open source, open access, and civic tech.

She has planned and executed on technical documentation content strategy and worked extensively on customer journeys to guide the development and information architecture for developer and customer portals. She has authored technical writing style guidelines, and she has written effective, clear technical documentation (including API documentation) for end-users, customer support teams, and software developers.

Sarah R. is well-versed in project management, content management, and authoring tools, highly knowledgeable, and proficient with developer collaboration tools like JIRA, Github, and Phabricator. She has extensive experience working on wikis like MediaWiki and Confluence and CMS software like Zendesk.

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Sarah holds a bachelor of arts in organizational communication and a master of fine arts in creative writing, with a concentration in poetry and creative nonfiction.

Sarah has worked for and attended the Prague Summer Writing Program, has taught Thought and Writing and Research Methods and Writing at the university level, and has presented papers at the prestigious Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCCs) on the nexus of Composition & Rhetoric and Creative Writing Pedagogies.


Sarah is interested in digital publishingdigital content preservation, developer advocacy, the open access movement, and free and open source software (FOSS).

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